How to Choose the Best Moulding for You!

Choosing a moulding may seem like a mundane task in the moment, especially if you have spent weeks choosing color schemes and redecorating your home. In reality, the role mouldings will play in your room will either make it or break it. It’s the phase in which your whole vision starts to come to life, and the stress of the last few weeks starts to finally pay off. This is also the part that can cause lots of anxiety, there are so many options! I think we can help make your decision easier…

Mouldings help to soften the harsh gaps and lines between floors, windows, ceilings, and doors, as well as add a personal touch to your home. Do you want more decorative trim or would you rather keep it simple? You could opt for a white or black trim, or would you like to use stained wood? Keep in mind your budget, as some of our mouldings are affordable than others. If you have higher ceilings, you’ll want a taller baseboard. Come in to talk to some of our stylists in the shop, and they can help you size out everything you need, and show you what colors would go best with your room!

Once you have chosen the style, color, and sized up your space, it will narrow down your options a lot, and you will be all ready to properly choose the moulding that fits your home’s personality the best. We just know your home will be exactly what you dreamed of, and we can not wait to work with you!