2021 Design Trends: Beatty Edition

At Beatty Lumber, we strive to stay up to date with the newest design trends while still maintaining that timeless feel. This year, like the last, has been like no other and has changed the way people see many things including design. As a company, we have begun an extensive showroom renovation to reflect how design has evolved as the company is coming up on 100 years in business. Here are five 2021 design trends and how Beatty can help you incorporate them in your home. 

Nothing Out of Place

Organization has never been so important as it is in 2021. Having adequate storage has become a must have for homeowners. Making sure kitchens have lots of storage space while still maintaining a minimalist feel and being able to maximize any space to its full potential is necessary. While people still love beautiful designs, practicality comes first and one way to translate this into a space is with storage. At Beatty, in the Kitchen & Bath department, you can work with a designer to create a space that suits your needs whether it be storage space in the kitchen for pet supplies or a bathroom vanity that has organization for a makeup collection.

 Here Comes the Sun  

Having been stuck inside for the majority of last year people have come to see the importance of lighting. Lighting can change the ambiance of a space in an instant. Some artificial lighting can make the space feel cold and uncomfortable. This has pushed homeowners to lean more towards warm lighting and natural light. Large, beautiful windows make the space feel inviting and warm and for those who still work from home or spend most of the day at home this is a must. At Beatty there is a wide selection of windows to choose from as we carry manufactures such as Larson, ProVia, and Simonton.

Welcoming the Rainbow 

Emotionally 2020 was a very dark year, but 2021 will be full of color. Colors have a great effect on people’s moods and emotions. For example, the color blue is extremely calming and great for bedrooms, however it also encourages productivity, so it is a color often used in offices. While neutrals never go out of style people have been looking for a little pick me up lately and color provides just that. At Beatty we carry cabinets, vanities, and countertops in a variety of colors so if desired the customer can bring that bit of joy right into their kitchen or bathroom. 

Try Something New 

Why keep doing the same old same old. In 2021, people are embracing unique looking designs that push them out of their comfort zones. Instead of choosing a silver finish for their drawer pulls people are choosing gold or rose gold and instead of the usual white or brown cabinets some are choosing an evergreen or light blue. At Beatty we carry these new styles to help you elevate your design creating a one-of-a-kind space.  

Into the Outdoors

Having spent so much time outdoors people are expanding their living space to the outside with decks that provide a new experience in the home. Outdoor kitchens and offices are on the rise allowing people to get fresh air and a new setting to experience. At Beatty we carry a variety of decking from brands like Timbertech, Fiberon, and Wolf. Building a deck is an investment in the future of your home and provides much needed space for your family and in time guests.